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dc.description.abstractOne preferred embodiment of the present invention provides a system and method for suppressing motion artifacts introduced by movement of a radar detection system. Briefly described, in architecture, one embodiment of the system, among others, can be implemented as follows. The system includes a Doppler radar module configured to transmit a microwave signal directed towards an object and receive the reflected microwave signals from the object and a living subject positioned behind the object. Also, the system includes a reference module configured to transmit a reference signal towards the object and receive the reflected reference signal from the object. By comparing the two reflected signals from the Doppler radar module and the reference device, a signal processor suppresses motion artifacts generated by movement of the Doppler radar module to identify the presence of the living subject behind the object. Other systems and methods are also provided.
dc.titleStabilizing Motion In A Radar Detection System Using Ultrasonic Radar Range Information
dc.contributor.patentcreatorGreneker III, Eugene Ferguson
dc.contributor.patentcreatorZywicki, Daren Joseph
dc.description.assigneeGeorgia Tech Research Corporation

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