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dc.description.abstractAn automated control system is disclosed that is particularly adapted for use in regulating urban traffic flow. The system includes a central control facility linked with a plurality of remote terminals over a unitary communication channel, which is preferably equivalent to a voice grade, non-compensated telephone line. The central control facility includes a computer coupled through interface equipment with a master transceiver. The master transceiver couples the computer and interface equipment with the communication channel. Each of the remote terminals, which are coupled to the communication channel in parallel, party line fashion, includes a remote transceiver coupled through interface equipment to a traffic control device, such as a signal light. An emergency vehicle locator may also be included in each remote terminal. Vehicle detectors may be coupled to the communication channel through the remote terminals or through separate remote transceivers to provide a measure of traffic flow parameters.
dc.titleAutomatic Traffic Control System
dc.contributor.patentcreatorHungerford, E.
dc.description.assigneeGeorgia Tech Research Institute

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