Podcast series created by the Work Science Center.

Recent Submissions

  • WSC Podcast Episode 5: Employing People with Disabilities in the Modern Workforce 

    Fletcher, Keaton A.; O'Connor, Devin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-10-09)
    Host, Keaton Fletcher talks with Devin O'Connor, Founder of the Grow Group, about ways to better incorporate individuals with disabilities in the modern workforce and how the science and practice of management can better ...
  • WSC Podcast Episode 4: Designing Coworking Spaces for Women 

    Fletcher, Keaton A.; Greenberg, Ali (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-08-25)
    Host Keaton Fletcher talks with Ali Greenberg, founder of The Broad, a coworking and community space for women and gender minorities in Richmond, Virginia. They discuss what it means to design a space with women in mind ...
  • WSC Podcast Episode 3: Bridging the Skills Gap 

    Perrodin, Benjamin; Lawrence, Tim (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-03-27)
    Host, Ben Perrodin, talks with Tim Lawrence, Executive Director of SkillsUSA. Ben and Tim Lawrence discuss the value of and need for careers in technical education, a 21st century take on vocational education that helps ...
  • WSC Podcast Episode 2: Space and the Work Experience: Building Better Workplaces 

    LoPilato, Alex; Bafna, Sonit (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-03-27)
    Host, Alex LoPilato, and Dr. Sonit Bafna, an Associate Professor of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology, discuss architectural morphology and its reciprocity with modern work. Dr. Bafna elaborates on space ...
  • WSC Podcast Episode 1: What Makes Big Data Big? 

    LoPilato, Alex; Oswald, Fred (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-03-27)
    Host, Alex LoPilato, discusses all things big data and work science with Dr. Fred Oswald, Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Rice University. Together, Alex and Dr. Oswald clear the air about what makes ...