The North Avenue Review is the free speech magazine of Georgia Tech. We seek to provide a free and open forum for the Georgia Tech community. The NAR is staffed by students and made up of articles submitted by the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Recent Submissions

  • North Avenue Review [Spring 2014] 

    Hyde, Melissa; Cohen, Matt; Hornilla, Brent (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014)
    Letter from the Editor; Things to Do in Atlanta; Toward a Deeper Understanding of Gun Control; Deal with the Devil; Grammar Nazis Are Idiots; You Are What You Drink; The Remarkable Miri; The Engineering Complex; Misconceptions ...
  • North Avenue Review [Summer 2011] 

    Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 2011] 

    Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011)
  • North Avenue Review [Fall 2010] 

    Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
  • North Avenue Review [May 2010] 

    Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-05)
  • North Avenue Review [Volume 1, Issue 1] 

    Akleman, Ergun; Babb, Jillanna; Cardille, Jeff; Close, Raymond; Curtis, Valerie O.; Danyo, Steve; Day, Janice; Donkin, Steven Glenn; Fish; Fox, Angela; Hendry, Ben; Hewson, John; Hornung, Erica; Kramer, Matthew; Luck, Jeff; Magiros, George; Mann, Kate; Meredith, David; Moore, James; Morris, Scott; Moryc, Michael; Peake, Thomas; Riggs, Jon; Sampler, Larry; Scharfstein, Daniel; Stettler, Beth; Stickles, Valerie Lynn; Stogner, Chad; Ullio, Ric; Walters, Kaye (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1989-07)
  • North Avenue Review, [Winter 2003, Issue 52] 

    Adams, Richard; Apte, Saneesh; Berginski, Matt; Bjornstad, Julie; Bowman, Mike; Fisher, Will; Hunt, Devin; Luffel, Mark; Vimawala, Keyur; Williams, Jason (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
  • North Avenue Review [Winter 1999] 

    Cox, Carl; Doyle, Mike; Janecek, DeAnna; Kiefer; Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999)
    Information Overload 6: Freddy's Dead by Kiefer; Melodramatic Tendencies and White-Wash Fantasies by Carl Cox; Notes for Eng2301 10.8.95 by; Passengers Wanted by Jimmy Lo; Growing by James McDuffie; The ...
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 1999] 

    Bowman, Mike; Cusak, Andy; Galinanes, Rafael; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Kiefer; Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999)
    Introduction to Death by Kiefer; To Death-- I wish to know you, before I meet you by Mike Bowman; The Meaning of Death by Jimmy Lo; Capitalization Punishment: Making A Killing Off Of Death by Kiefer; Assassins by by Andy ...
  • North Avenue Review [Winter 1998] 

    Bunke, Felix; Janecek, DeAnna; Kiefer; Lucky, Steve; Lord Wingnut; Manofsky, Bill; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
    Music and Moods by DeAnna Janecek; Great Music Almighty by Anonymous; Review: Negativland's Sipsedi by Kiefer; Information Overload 2 by Kiefer; Engineering Management 250 by Bill Manofsky; Figure Out "Why" And Live! by ...
  • North Avenue Review [Summer 1998, Issue 40] 

    Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James; Kiefer; Padraig (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 1998, Issue 39] 

    Anderson, Ricky; Bentley, Brandon; Eaton, Julia; Jackson, Robert Lee, III; Janecek, DeAnna; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Lo, Jimmy; McDaniel, William R., III; McDuffie, James; Murphy, Michelle; Winchester, Charles Erwin, III; Zimmerman, Andy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
    A Short Definition of Good (and Evil) by Robert Jackson; Reply To Manofsky Essay by Andy Zimmerman; Things that Irritate Me about Scooby-Doo by William R. McDaniel III; The Enlightenment Loop by James McDuffie; Is Jesus ...
  • North Avenue Review [Fall 1998] 

    Bailey, Claire Suzanne; Burroughs, Kelly Rhiannon; Chen, Nancy Yin-Ann; Janecek, DeAnna; Jennings, Thompson Claire; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Mukhtar, Shan; Willson, Sara Louise; Winchester, Charles Erwin, III (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
    Movie Reviews by Shan Mukhtar; Re: Parties by geogre [sic]; 6ix by Pravin Jeyaraj; First Blood by The Finn; The Celestial Scientist by Pravin Jeyaraj; Me, Myself, and I by Sara Willson; Second Blood by Fate; Pet Human ...
  • North Avenue Review [Summer 1997] 

    Atrics, Geri; Bledsoe, R. T.; Lo, Jimmy; Moore, Mark; Willson, Sara Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997)
    My Old Man by R. T. Bledsoe; "Freeze," Goes Daddy by Jimmy Lo; Whatever the Fuck You Want - I Never Could Name Stuff by Mark Moore; Money Making Secrets Uncovered!! Earn More Money Than You've Ever Dreamed of!! by Jimmy ...
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 1997] 

    Best, Tyler; Marinacci, Joshua; McGillivray, Alec (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997)
    Ask NAR by the NAR lady; Purple and Gold All-Stars by kis; Facts About Cloning by Joshua Marinacci; Cloning Jesus by Tyler Best; Letter To Bill by Alec McGillivray.
  • North Avenue Review [Winter 1996] 

    Armstrong, Travis; Eaton, Julia; Miertschin, David; Moore, Mark; Stanley, Kevin; Willson, Sara Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996)
    after He came by Kiefer; A Letter to Dean Galloway from a Former Student by David Miertschin; Loneliness by Travis "Animal" Armstrong; The Idiot's Guide for Dummies by Kiefer; Mulling Under a Purple Sky by Sara Louise ...
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 1996] 

    Boykin, Oscar; Butler, John; Eaton, Julia; Guhxe, Gavin; Manay, Siddharth (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996)
    An Open Letter on Tech's New Logo by John Butler; The Other Side of the Olympic Story by Gavin Guhxe; Rachel's Game by Siddharth Manay; How Do I Know You Are Wrong? by Oscar Boykin; On a Day Like Today by Siddharth Manay; ...
  • North Avenue Review [Winter 1995] 

    Carr, Chad T.; Frezza, Bill; Guhxe, Gavin; Kaplin, Shira; Sidi, Chris; Smith, Ian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
    CyberCruft by Ian Smith; Women and Obstetrics: The Loss of Childbirth to Male Physicians by Shira Kapplin; Some scanned artwork by Chris Sidi; What the Information Superhighway Means to Me by Gavin Guhxe; Bureaucracy ...
  • North Avenue Review [Spring 1995] 

    Boomer, Bill; Leininger, Sam; Lybanon, Gregory; Karr, Chad (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
    Response to Shira Kapplin's article on Women and Obstetrics by Gregory Lybanon; Response to Gavin's article on GenX by Sam Leininger; The Romantic Slacker by Kiefer; Ghost Dance of the White Guys by Bill Boomer; Words ...
  • North Avenue Review [August 1990, Issue 8] 

    Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1990-08)

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