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    • North Avenue Review [Fall 1994, Issue 22] 

      Blakeney, Michael; Chang, Eric; Collier, Julian; Guhxe, Gavin; Kemp, Tom; Saxe, Dean H.; Penberthy, Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1994)
      The North Avenue Review belongs to no one. So, Ya Wanna Go Out Sometime? by Louise Penberthy; The Whole Hoopla of Generation X and who it really affects by Gavin Guhxe; interlude by Mike Blakeney; This was supposed to ...
    • North Avenue Review [Fall 1995, Issue 23] 

      Eaton, Julia; Mazur, Stephen A.; Montagnet, JoPe; Willson, Sara Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
      Sara's Six Adult Insights by Sara Willson; Musings of a Divine Sufferer by Steven A. Mazur; Things I Liked by JoPe Montagnet; Hell: Chapter 2 by Julia Eaton; Atlanta '96: No Room in the Inn, but Plenty of Room in the Jail ...
    • North Avenue Review [Spring 1995] 

      Boomer, Bill; Leininger, Sam; Lybanon, Gregory; Karr, Chad (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
      Response to Shira Kapplin's article on Women and Obstetrics by Gregory Lybanon; Response to Gavin's article on GenX by Sam Leininger; The Romantic Slacker by Kiefer; Ghost Dance of the White Guys by Bill Boomer; Words ...
    • North Avenue Review [Winter 1995] 

      Carr, Chad T.; Frezza, Bill; Guhxe, Gavin; Kaplin, Shira; Sidi, Chris; Smith, Ian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
      CyberCruft by Ian Smith; Women and Obstetrics: The Loss of Childbirth to Male Physicians by Shira Kapplin; Some scanned artwork by Chris Sidi; What the Information Superhighway Means to Me by Gavin Guhxe; Bureaucracy ...
    • North Avenue Review [Winter 1996] 

      Armstrong, Travis; Eaton, Julia; Miertschin, David; Moore, Mark; Stanley, Kevin; Willson, Sara Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996)
      after He came by Kiefer; A Letter to Dean Galloway from a Former Student by David Miertschin; Loneliness by Travis "Animal" Armstrong; The Idiot's Guide for Dummies by Kiefer; Mulling Under a Purple Sky by Sara Louise ...
    • North Avenue Review [Spring 1996] 

      Boykin, Oscar; Butler, John; Eaton, Julia; Guhxe, Gavin; Manay, Siddharth (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996)
      An Open Letter on Tech's New Logo by John Butler; The Other Side of the Olympic Story by Gavin Guhxe; Rachel's Game by Siddharth Manay; How Do I Know You Are Wrong? by Oscar Boykin; On a Day Like Today by Siddharth Manay; ...
    • North Avenue Review [Spring 1997] 

      Best, Tyler; Marinacci, Joshua; McGillivray, Alec (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997)
      Ask NAR by the NAR lady; Purple and Gold All-Stars by kis; Facts About Cloning by Joshua Marinacci; Cloning Jesus by Tyler Best; Letter To Bill by Alec McGillivray.
    • North Avenue Review [Summer 1997] 

      Atrics, Geri; Bledsoe, R. T.; Lo, Jimmy; Moore, Mark; Willson, Sara Louise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997)
      My Old Man by R. T. Bledsoe; "Freeze," Goes Daddy by Jimmy Lo; Whatever the Fuck You Want - I Never Could Name Stuff by Mark Moore; Money Making Secrets Uncovered!! Earn More Money Than You've Ever Dreamed of!! by Jimmy ...
    • North Avenue Review [Spring 1998, Issue 39] 

      Anderson, Ricky; Bentley, Brandon; Eaton, Julia; Jackson, Robert Lee, III; Janecek, DeAnna; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Lo, Jimmy; McDaniel, William R., III; McDuffie, James; Murphy, Michelle; Winchester, Charles Erwin, III; Zimmerman, Andy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
      A Short Definition of Good (and Evil) by Robert Jackson; Reply To Manofsky Essay by Andy Zimmerman; Things that Irritate Me about Scooby-Doo by William R. McDaniel III; The Enlightenment Loop by James McDuffie; Is Jesus ...
    • North Avenue Review [Fall 1998] 

      Bailey, Claire Suzanne; Burroughs, Kelly Rhiannon; Chen, Nancy Yin-Ann; Janecek, DeAnna; Jennings, Thompson Claire; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Mukhtar, Shan; Willson, Sara Louise; Winchester, Charles Erwin, III (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
      Movie Reviews by Shan Mukhtar; Re: Parties by geogre [sic]; 6ix by Pravin Jeyaraj; First Blood by The Finn; The Celestial Scientist by Pravin Jeyaraj; Me, Myself, and I by Sara Willson; Second Blood by Fate; Pet Human ...
    • North Avenue Review [Summer 1998, Issue 40] 

      Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James; Kiefer; Padraig (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
    • North Avenue Review [Winter 1998] 

      Bunke, Felix; Janecek, DeAnna; Kiefer; Lucky, Steve; Lord Wingnut; Manofsky, Bill; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
      Music and Moods by DeAnna Janecek; Great Music Almighty by Anonymous; Review: Negativland's Sipsedi by Kiefer; Information Overload 2 by Kiefer; Engineering Management 250 by Bill Manofsky; Figure Out "Why" And Live! by ...
    • North Avenue Review [Winter 1999] 

      Cox, Carl; Doyle, Mike; Janecek, DeAnna; Kiefer; Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999)
      Information Overload 6: Freddy's Dead by Kiefer; Melodramatic Tendencies and White-Wash Fantasies by Carl Cox; Notes for Eng2301 10.8.95 by; Passengers Wanted by Jimmy Lo; Growing by James McDuffie; The ...
    • North Avenue Review [Spring 1999] 

      Bowman, Mike; Cusak, Andy; Galinanes, Rafael; Jeyaraj, Pravin; Kiefer; Lo, Jimmy; McDuffie, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999)
      Introduction to Death by Kiefer; To Death-- I wish to know you, before I meet you by Mike Bowman; The Meaning of Death by Jimmy Lo; Capitalization Punishment: Making A Killing Off Of Death by Kiefer; Assassins by by Andy ...
    • North Avenue Review, [Fall 2002, Issue 50] 

      Thomas; Gein, Ed; Stevens, Jason A.; Changeau, Jason; Irwin, Joseph P.; Adams, Henry; Shah, Schmitty; Hill, Viktor; Pilsch, Andrew (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
    • North Avenue Review, [Summer 2002, Issue 49] 

      Pilsch, Andrew; Bryan, Matthew; Aiyejorum, Temitope Y.; Grey Eagle (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002)
    • North Avenue Review, [Winter 2003, Issue 52] 

      Adams, Richard; Apte, Saneesh; Berginski, Matt; Bjornstad, Julie; Bowman, Mike; Fisher, Will; Hunt, Devin; Luffel, Mark; Vimawala, Keyur; Williams, Jason (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
    • North Avenue Review, [Spring 2003, Issue 51] 

      Hunter; Matt; Bowman, Mike; Pilsch, Andrew; Robert R.M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003)
    • North Avenue Review [Fall 2010] 

      Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010)
    • North Avenue Review [May 2010] 

      Georgia Tech Student Publications (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-05)