• Design and prototype development of motion and shock sensing rf tags. 

      Akbar, Muhammad Bashir (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-04-06)
      Since the inception of the backscatter-radio technology, this field has continually evolved. As a result, this technology is used for a multitude of applications like personnel identification, logistics and assets management ...
    • Detection of Surface Corrosion by Ultrasonic Backscattering 

      Retaureau, Ghislain J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-05-22)
      Corrosion often occurs in the inner aluminum lining of the HB-53 helicopter external fuel tank, resulting in fuel leaks. This project centers on developing an in-situ ultrasonic inspection technique to detect corroded areas ...
    • Efficient bit encoding in backscatter wireless systems 

      Graf, Patrick Anthony (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-04-08)
      As the size and power consumption of microelectronic circuits continues to decrease, passively-powered sensors promise to come to the forefront of commercial electronics. One of the most promising technologies that could ...
    • High-frequency modulated-backscatter communication using multiple antennas 

      Griffin, Joshua David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-03-02)
      Backscatter radio - the broad class of systems that communicate using scattered electromagnetic waves - is the driving technology behind many compelling applications such as radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and ...
    • Propagation measurements and system design for long-range RF tags 

      Kim, Daeyoung (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002-12)
    • Signal constellations of a retrodirective array phase modulator 

      Koo, Gregory Andre (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-04-05)
      A quadrature phase shift keying (QPSK) retrodirective array phase modulator (RAPM) was designed and fabricated to characterize its backscatter signal constellation when placed near objects with varying conductivities and ...