Recent Submissions

  • Scaling down the laws of thermodynamics 

    Jarzynski, Christopher (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-11-14)
    Thermodynamics provides a robust conceptual framework and set of laws that govern the exchange of energy and matter. Although these laws were originally articulated for macroscopic objects, it is hard to deny that nanoscale ...
  • Workshop on Topological Protection in Messy Matter - Welcome and Overview 

    Rocklin, David Zeb (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    The Workshop on Topological Protection in Messy Matter is sponsored by Georgia Tech's Community for Research on Active Surfaces and Interfaces (CRĀSI). The workshop will bring together distinguished researchers from diverse ...
  • What Topology Reveals About Real Systems 

    Rocklin, David Zeb (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-11)
    A tutorial intended to introduce topology with a minimum of math and provide a background as to how it applies to real systems such as those considered in the Workshop on Topological Protection in Messy Matter.
  • Observation of Optical Weyl Points and Other Topics in Topological Photonics 

    Rechtsman, Mikael C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-15)
  • Higher Order Topological Insulators: Quadrupoles and Beyond 

    Hughes, Taylor (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-15)
  • Defect Unbinding in Active Nematic Tori 

    Fernandez-Nieves, Alberto (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-15)
    We will discuss our recent results with active nematics on toroidal surfaces and show how, despite the intrinsic activity and out-of-equilibrium character of our system, we still observe remnants of the expected curvature-induced ...
  • Active Fluids as Topological Metamaterials: Structure Without H Periodic Order 

    Souslov, Anton (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-15)
    Active liquids are composed of self-driven microbots that endow the liquid with a unique set of mechanical characteristics. We present two designs for topological states using active fluids: one using periodic confinement ...
  • Flocks on a Sphere Sound Topological! 

    Shankar, Suraj (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    Flocking, the self-organized and spontaneous motion of a large collection of self-propelled entities, is ubiquitous in the natural world. Such collective motion, for instance in groups of cells advancing en masse during ...
  • Topological Protected Modes in Non-equilibrium Stochastic Systems 

    Vaikuntanathan, Suri (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    Non-equilibrium driving of biophysical processes is believed to enable their robust functioning despite the presence of thermal fluctuations and other sources of disorder. Such robust functions include sensory adaptation, ...
  • Topological Edge Floppy Modes in Disordered Fiber Networks 

    Mao, Xiaoming (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    Disordered fiber networks are ubiquitous in natural and manmade materials. The dilute nature of these networks permits floppy modes which only bend the fibers without changing their length, and these floppy modes govern ...
  • Topological Patterning of Polymers on a Substrate 

    Paulose, Jayson (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    Thermal fluctuations and interactions often complicate or even ruin topological phenomena, yet are an inherent part of soft matter systems and a prime source of messiness. I'll describe a system of substrate-adsorbed ...
  • Persistence of Topological Invariants Under Disorder 

    Bellissard, Jean (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    A review of the techniques on Non-commutative Geometry to express rigorously the topological invariants, like in the Quantum Hall Effect or Topological Insulators will be provided. It will include some numerical work by ...
  • Topological Patterns 

    Prodan, Emil (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    The research in topological materials and meta-materials reached maturity and is now gradually entering the phase of practical applications and devices. However, scaling down the experimental demonstrations definitely ...
  • Vibration Location in Quasi-Periodic Beams and Plates 

    Ruzzene, Massimo (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-05-14)
    The talk will present ongoing investigations on elastic wave propagation in quasi-periodic beams and plates. Results show the occurrence of a variety of modes that are localized at the edges or within the quasi-periodic ...