Established originally as a Program at Georgia Tech in 1924, becoming a School in 1945, the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) is the largest academic program of its kind in the United States. With nearly 65 tenure-track faculty, ISyE is able to support not only a broad spectrum of academic concentrations but, importantly, several that have achieved world-class rank. Though the School functions administratively as a single cohesive unit, some of our sub-disciplines or academic specialties are so large and concentrated, they could be legitimately viewed as academic departments in their own right.

ISyE's mission is the creation, assimilation, integration, and dissemination of knowledge involving industrial and systems engineering. In carrying out its educational mission, ISyE seeks to develop a high potential population of full-time, traditional students at the undergraduate and graduate levels as well as those in industry and government who need to acquire new and updated skills for positions of leadership in engineering, academia, and management.

Specifically, ISyE seeks to:

  • Provide selected research and services to industry and government which meet their specific needs;
  • Contribute to the advancement of the ISyE profession through faculty leadership;
  • Facilitate the interface among industries, problems and methodologies; and
  • Enhance the overall reputation of Georgia Tech.

Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech will be the world's leader in expanding and communicating engineering knowledge and innovation associated with designing, operating and improving sustainable processes for acquiring, producing, selling and delivering products and services.

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