HTS takes a special interest in issues of science and technology as they affect human society. Yet the focus is by no means narrow. HTS also emphasizes the integration of other concerns – politics, economic development, gender, race, social justice, and the environment – into the larger conversations that engage the campus community and our world.

For over a decade, the School’s unquestioned commitment to balancing outstanding teaching and significant scholarship among its faculty has given HTS a reputation for excellence. HTS offers a B.S. degree; undergraduate minors in history, sociology, and women, science, and technology; and certificate programs not only in history and sociology but also in such areas as African-American Studies, Asian Affairs, and European Affairs. The School also offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, providing graduate students a unique opportunity to examine the multifaceted roles technology and science play in human affairs. The School’s focus on the social origins and impact of industry, science, and technology is distinctive, providing students with the critical tools needed to understand the complex issues related to the development of the modern world.

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