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  • The Periodic Table: A Treasure Trove of Passion, Adventure, Betrayal, and Obsession 

    Kean, Sam (2019-04-18)
    Why did Gandhi hate iodine? Why did the Japanese kill Godzilla with missiles made of cadmium? How did radium nearly ruin Marie Curie’s reputation? And why did tellurium lead to the most bizarre gold rush in history? The ...
  • Mathematical Mysteries of the Periodic Table 

    Baez, John (2019-04-02)
    Why do atoms behave the way they do? Why do electrons form “shells,” as seen in the periodic table? Why does the first shell hold 2 electrons, the second 8, and the third 18: twice the square numbers 1, 4, and 9? ...
  • Celebrating Silicon: Its Success, Hidden History, and Next Act 

    Filler, Michael A. (2019-03-05)
    The history of silicon is usually told as a history of electronic materials and devices. However, it is better told as a history of manufacturing innovation. This talk will take a journey through the manufacturing innovations ...
  • How the Universe Made the Elements in the Periodic Table 

    Sowell, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2019-02-06)
    The creation of the elements in the universe took billions of years and required various processes. The first few minutes of the big bang produced only hydrogen (H) and helium (He). No new elements were formed until a ...
  • Computer Science in Six-Tenths of a Second: What Happens After Hitting ENTER in a Google Search 

    Fortnow, Lance (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-04-19)
    What is computer science? Ask Google or Alexa, and you'll get an answer like "the study of the principles and use of computers." That doesn't really capture the breadth of the field. But how can you get an answer in a ...
  • In Conversation with Ernő Rubik 

    Rubik, Ernő (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2018-04-11)
    In a rare public appearance, Ernő Rubik will give a public lecture, discussing a wide range of topics including design and architecture, the role of curiosity in the human condition, and his perspective on more than four ...