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    • Bringing it Home: Lessons and Next Steps for Building Partnerships in RCE Greater Atlanta 

      Black, Michael; Burnes, Suzanne; Garrett, Cicely; Heard, Anne; Kallin, Britta; Noibi, Yomi; Stiftel, Bruce (2019-04-26)
      This facilitated, interactive session will analyze and synthesize best practices in promoting RCE Greater Atlanta’s priority SDGs, gleaned from earlier sessions. Priority SDGs include: SDG1-No Poverty, SDG2-Zero Hunger, ...
    • Building Global and International Studies Programs: Challenges and Opportunties 

      Balas, Alexandru; Hastings, Laura A.; Jordan, Esther; Murdie, Amanda (2019-04-26)
      Global and international studies programs are increasingly popular at colleges and universities. What are the logistical challenges and intellectual opportunities of building these interdisciplinary programs? Scholars from ...
    • Development Economics Consortium 

      Brummund, Peter; Dhongde, Shatakshee; Del Valle, Alejandro; Filipski, Mateusz; Liu, Xuepeng; Magnan, Nicholas; Moyano, Paloma; O'Connell, Stephen; Roy, Abhra; Taylor, Laura; Viceisza, Angelino; Zimmermann, Laura (2019-04-26)
      This session will highlight frontiers of research in the area of development economics. The session will include research presentations on a wide range of topics, covering both micro and macro perspectives of development. ...
    • Inequality and Human Trafficking 

      Burnet, Jennie; Khant, Monica Modi; Okech, David; Richardson, Deborah J.; Spires, Bob (2019-04-26)
      This panel examines causes, consequences, and solutions to address global human trafficking, including labor and sex trafficking. The presentations will trace the global human trafficking networks that connect Metro Atlanta ...
    • Innovative Finance for Sustaining Peace: An Explainer 

      Mahdavi, Pardis (2019-04-25)
      This presentation introduces the concept of innovative finance as a pathway to create sustainable resources to address the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Innovative finance involves adapting existing finance tools ...
    • New Trends in Foreign Language Pedagogy 

      Awad, Awad; Douglin, Adèle; Green, Viola; Joo, Hyoun-A; Lee, Hakyoon; Mangold, Matthew; Uelzmann, Jan; Wang, Wei (2019-04-26)
      This panel of to-the-point six-minute presentations focuses on innovative approaches to foreign language learning, including content-based instruction and emphases on intercultural communication and global competence.
    • Remarks on the Inaugural Atlanta Global Studies Symposium 

      Peterson, George P. "Bud"; Ibarra, Vanessa (2019-04-26)
    • Roundtable on New Directions in Global Education and Discussion of the Global Research Opportunities Workshop (GROW) 

      Balas, Alexandru; Graml, Gundolf; Lemieux, Tony; Togunde, Dimeji; Stenport, Anna Westerstahl (2019-04-26)
    • Roundtable on Virtual Classroom Exhange 

      Abdel-Kader, Mohamed; Bankoff, Joseph R.; Brown, Keisha; Hayden, Jessie; Mellom, Paula J. (2019-04-26)
      A virtual exchange involves connecting students from different parts of the world online over a shared project. Faculty from all disciplines use tools like Webex Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom, and students collaborate ...
    • Successes and Challenges in Promoting a Sustainable Future: Regional and Global Perspectives from RCEs around the World 

      LaRocco, Michelle; Lopez, Carolina; Pohlmann, Jennifer (2019-04-26)
      This session brings perspectives on sustainable development from RCE colleagues across the globe. From the U.S. Atlantic Coastline to Mexico to Hamburg, the participants will share their experiences promoting sustainable ...
    • Translating Sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa 

      Bier, Laura; Cherribi, Sam; Elmagraby, Norah; Melika, Ayda (2019-04-26)
    • Violence and the Media 

      Favara, Jeremiah; Mehran, Weeda; Miller, Ben; Veilleux-LePage, Yannick (2019-04-26)
      This panel explores the relationship between violence and the media, addressing issues of news coverage of violence, violence as entertainment, and the influence of the Internet and social media on this relationship.