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    • Graphical Realism Framework for Industrial Control Simulation (GRFICS) Version 

      Rideout, Matt; Formby, David; Bryce, Sam (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      GRFICSv3 provides a simulated ICS (Industrial Control System) network that students use to learn about buffer overflow vulnerabilities in ICS networks.
    • Canvas Template for Online Courses 

      Fernández, Victor C. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      This project provides a template for teachers and course creators, specifically working within the Canvas environment. It intends to provide designs and resources outside the standard options available and to improve the ...
    • basicML: machine learning basics for working with biomedical data 

      Kimball, Jacob (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      Originally designed to help students in ECE/BMED/ME/CHE 4782: Biosystems Analysis taught by Omer Inan. The purpose of this project is to give students a basic set of tools they can use on machine learning projects involving ...
    • Adaptive Leadership Case Study Simulation 

      Mehrjerdian, Nikki (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      The project is aimed at supporting students to explore and develop adaptive leadership skills and behaviors to better enable them to prepare and encourage others to handle change. It was created as a part of the BOLD ...
    • Implementation of Simple Machine Learning Web Application Classifier for Small Datasets 

      Rad, Milad (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      It is hard to start on machine learning or develop a model if you have no background in it. Developing a model should not be hard. I have developed a web application that enables the user to try and tune basic machine ...
    • Climate Change Online Module 

      Beaudin, Elise; Ikuyajolu, Olawale (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2021-05)
      The Climate Change Online Module is an Online course about Climate Change.There are 5 modules: 1. What is Climate Change? 2. Greenhouse effect 3. Climate impacts 4. Climate predictions 5. The Georgia Case. This ...
    • Laser Scanner Digital Demonstrator 

      Shankar, Abhishek (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022)
      Scanner is a digital demonstrator of a laser scanner. The demonstrator provides students an opportunity to gain hands-on learning experience by replacing a physical instrument. This is valuable when such physical devices ...
    • Atlanta’s Sport History Tik Tok Series 

      Abernethy, Declan (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022)
      This project uses Tik Toks, roughly ninety seconds long, to educate viewers on Atlanta’s conflicted sport history. This project is not meant to be hagiographic, but rather critically analyze the city’s lengthy history. ...
    • Everything You Need to Know for Experiments Requiring Imaging Systems 

      Yraguen, Boni (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-06)
      This project will provide students with the foundational knowledge to be able to conduct experiments which require imaging systems. Many fields and many student's find themselves taking some type of images for their research, ...
    • Hands-On Geotech Labs for a Virtual Learner 

      Stypulkowski, A. Lynnae (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2022-06)
      This project was done in coordination with the Blended Online Learning Discipline Fellowship. It aims to provide more opportunities for students to learn about geotechnical engineering when participating in a distanced or ...