WREK is the student owned and operated Georgia Tech radio station, broadcasting 24/7 at 91.1 FM.

WREK is operated by Georgia Tech students. Most engineering, management, and production is undertaken by Tech students, providing a goal-oriented extra curricular activity which provides valuable learning, social, and cultural experience. In working together to maintain a 40,000 watt FM station, students gain insight into organizational functions, the beauty of a wide range of music and ideas, exposure to an even wider range of Tech students with varying interests and backgrounds, and an understanding of the value of community service.

WREK's license is held by the Radio Communications Board of Georgia Tech and WREK is funded primarily through the Student Government Association.

WREK's programming consists of dozens of specialty shows produced in-house, syndicated programming, public affairs broadcasting, and broadly defined 'formats.'

  • Almost fifty WREK-hours per week feature WREK specialty shows.
  • Around five hours come from syndicated sources.
  • The other hundred or so hours each week are formats including "The Classics" in the early morning; "Just Jazz" in the late morning; "Blue Plate Special" in the early afternoon, featuring a wide assortment of music from all over the planet; "Rock, Rhythm, & Roll" during the rest of the afternoon; "Atmospherics" for late night ambience; the wildly diverse "Overnight Alternatives;" and the musical globetrotting of "Weekend Cornucopia."

WREK broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day and maintains a diverse format including atmospherics, rock, ska, bluegrass, pop, new wave, grunge, classic rock, reggae, dub, classical, Tech Sports, symphonic, jazz, hip-hop, blues, folk, world musics, experimental, electronic, synthesized, industrial, spoken word, zydeco, radio drama, soul, funk, public affairs, Joltin Jackets Baseball, ambient, TechNews, punk, Georgia Tech Women's Basketball, and a whole universe more....

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