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    • Recent Trends and Milestones: Spring 2009 

      Georgia Institute of Technology. Office of the President (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009)
      Georgia Tech has consistently ranked among the nation’s top ten public universities since 1999, ranking No. 7 in 2008. (U.S. News & World Report). Find more figures and facts about the Institute.
    • Reducing Aircraft Noise 

      Georgia Tech Research Institute (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-04)
      GTRI researchers are hard at work fi nding new ways to make aviation quieter. From exploring new uses for helicopter transportation to leading the development of next generation air vehicles, GTRI is helping to streamline ...
    • Research for the Real World [2006 GTRI Annual Report] 

      Georgia Tech Research Institute; Georgia Tech Research Institute. Research News and Publications Office (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
    • Research Horizons [Volume 12, Number 4, Winter 1995] 

      McLees, Lea; Toon, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1995)
      Engineering Georgia Tech's Future - Tending to the multi-dimensional fundamentals of a growing research university in a quickly evolving world poses an enjoyable challenge for Georgia Tech's new president, Dr. Wayne Clough.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 13, Number 1, Spring 1995] 

      Toon, John; McLees, Lea (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996-04-18)
      Virtual Reality for Fear of Heights - An experimental therapy based on virtual reality (VR) computer simulations has helped persons with acrophobia reduce their fear of heights.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 13, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1995] 

      Kloeppel, James E.; McLees, Lea (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996-05-08)
      Lessening the Earthquake Risk - Civil engineers, structural engineers, seismologists and city planners at Georgia Tech are pursuing programs in prediction, engineering, risk assessment and damage mitigation.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 13, Number 3, Winter 1996] 

      McLees, Lea (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996-05-28)
      Research for the Games - Georgia Tech research is helping meet Atlanta's needs during the 1996 Summer Olympics and Paralympics.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 14, Number 1, Spring 1996] 

      O'Neil, Dara Veronica; Crowell, Amanda; Toon, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996-09-12)
      Food Processing for Tomorrow - Research is helping enhance the competitiveness of Georgia's food processing industry
    • Research Horizons [Volume 14, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1996] 

      McLees, Lea; Hodges, Mark; Crowell, Amanda; Toon, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1996-11-27)
      Helping Printed Circuit Boards Take the Heat - A novel experimental technique for observing and recording PCB warpage is now available to the electronics industry.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 14, Number 3, Winter 1997] 

      McLees, Lea; Toon, John; Crowell, Amanda (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-05-30)
      The "Lifeblood" of Research - Graduate students are an indispensible part of scientific and technological exploration. (Story contains numerous graphics.)
    • Research Horizons [Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 1997] 

      Stone, Amy; McLees, Lea; Crowell, Amanda (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-07-31)
      Flying into the Future -- in Miniature - Tiny, nimble, self-piloted craft could collect or forward information for everyone from military officials to scientists, police and farmers.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 15, Number 2, Summer/Fall 1997] 

      Stone, Amy; Toon, John; Crowell, Amanda (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-12-03)
      Electrifying Transportation - Georgia Tech researchers are helping design the electric and electric-hybrid vehicles of tomorrow. They promise a cleaner future in transportation.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 15, Number 3, Winter 1998] 

      Stone, Amy; Robinson, Rick; McLees, Lea (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998-04-07)
      Biotechnology - Research in bioscience and bioengineering is leading the way toward amazing medical breakthroughs in the next millenium.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 15, Number 4, Spring 1998] 

      Becker, T. J.; Goolrick, Faye; Meindl, James D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998-07-24)
      On-line Justice - Database provides bigger picture for court officials.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 16, Number 1, Summer/Fall 1998] 

      Toon, John; Sanders, Jane M.; Robinson, Rick; Bradley, John; Bates, Lincoln (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998-10-07)
      Taking the Pain Out of Needles - Microneedles being developed by Georgia Tech offer a painless technique for delivering drugs. Thinner than a human hair, they could improve administration of existing medications and open ...
    • Research Horizons [Volume 16, Number 2, Winter 1999] 

      Stone, Amy; Becker, T. J.; Sanders, Jane M.; Powers, C. Blake; Robinson, Rick (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999-01-14)
      Deciphering the Genetic Code - Georgia Tech researcher's computer program decodes more than 10 bacterial genomes.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 16, Number 3, Spring 1999] 

      Sanders, Jane M.; McLees, Lea; Toon, John; Bates, Lincoln (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999-05-28)
      Sick Cities Diagnosis: Traffic Gridlock, Air Pollution and Urban Sprawl
    • Research Horizons [Volume 17, Number 1, Fall 1999] 

      Sanders, Jane M.; Goettling, Gary; Toon, John (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999-10-26)
      Decades of Discovery and Design - Research Horizons recounts Georgia Tech research success stories.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 17, Number 2, Winter 2000] 

      Sanders, Jane M.; Goettling, Gary; Robinson, Rick; Becker, T. J.; Hainsworth, Amanda (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-02-15)
      Sensing the Subleties of Everyday Life - Aware Home with human-like perception could improve the quality of life for many, especially senior adults.
    • Research Horizons [Volume 17, Number 3, Spring 2000] 

      Toon, John; Sanders, Jane M.; Goettling, Gary; Becker, T. J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-05-22)
      Gorillas in the Bits - Remote sensing technology boosts efforts to protect engandered mountain gorillas and rebuild Rwanda's economy.