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    • An Approach to Sustainable Flooring Manufacture 

      Berard, Ray; Hartzfeld, Jim; DuBose, Jennifer Robin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998-04-30)
    • Arnprior Nylon 6 Plant Recovery Processes 

      Guindon, Frank (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
      BASF's Arnprior site manufactures nylon 6 polymer and BCF products. Since 1966, millions of pounds of post-industrial and post-consumer nylon 6 waste has been depolymerized back to caprolactam. The recovered caprolactam ...
    • Ask Us: A Single Service Point Success Story 

      Rucker, Rob; Woodbury, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-11)
      The “Ask Us” center at North Carolina State University Libraries is a new, successful single service point combining circulation, reference, and technology support. The presentation will talk about the successes and ...
    • ASME Carpet Recycling and Combustion Test Program 

      Hinshaw, Gary (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2003-05-12)
      The American Society of Mechanical Engineers Research Committee on Industrial and Municipal Waste in conjunction with the Georgia Institute of Technology, carpet industry groups, and other interested parties has recently ...
    • Assessing the 24/5 Library: Does Data Matter? 

      Johnson, Ken; McCallister, Kelly (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-11)
      Looking through the lens of assessment, the importance of data to make decisions about hours all depends on perspective. Students, library managers, and university administrators each have a different spin on how to approach ...
    • Assessment with an iPad: Access Services and creative technology 

      Little, Micquel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-11)
      This presentation will share how St. John Fisher’s Access Services department is actively supporting the strategic goals set by the library and aligned with the college through creative use of technology. With the use of ...
    • ATMI's Encouraging Environmental Excellence (E3) 

      Barefoot, Bailey (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-05-02)
    • An Auction Algorithm for Optimal Satellite Refueling 

      Salazar, Alexandros; Tsiotras, Panagiotis (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-11-10)
      Satellite refueling can extend the lifetime of satellite constellations. Peer-to-peer satellite refueling in particular has the potential to make the most efficient use of the fuel contained in the constellation by ...
    • Automated Hypersonic Launch Vehicle Design Using ModelCenter® 

      Bradford, John Edward; Eklund, Dean (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-11-10)
      Over the course of the last two years and with funding from the AFRL, SEI has been performing the conceptual design of two Military Space Plane concepts called Quicksat and Sentinel. Quicksat is a Two Stage to Orbit ...
    • Automatic, Continuous Filtration of Highly Contaminated Melts 

      Darley, Dana (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-05-21)
    • Automating Retrieval and Reporting of Database Usage Statistics for a Consortium 

      Campbell, Susan B.; McGill, Jim (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-03-20)
      College Center for Library Automation is developing an automated vendor statistics system (AVS) to automate retrieval and reporting of usage statistics for Florida’s 28 community colleges. Early tests of the AVS suggest ...
    • Avoiding Garbage Data: How to Improve Public Services Data-gathering in Academic Libraries 

      Elder, Zachary (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-11)
      In this session, I will go over some of the more common mistakes libraries make in calculating their circulation and their entrance statistics, which usually result in under-counting their circulation totals. I will ...
    • Be Our Guest - Exceptional Patron Library Experience 

      Sotilleo, Sophia (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-11)
      The Be Our Guest program is a session where we will discuss and outline proven principles and processes that will help focus your library vision and assemble your team to enhance and deliver exceptional customer service. ...
    • Beyond Proof of Concept: Social Software 

      Hall, Mason R. K.; Stewart-Marshall, Zoe (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      Using two case studies - the use of wikis in the Cornell University Libraries, and the use of wikis and other social software at Florida State University - Zoe Stewart-Marshall of Cornell University Libraries and Mason ...
    • Bioconversion of Wool Industry Solid Wastes to Value-Added Products 

      Das, K. C.; Annis, Patricia A.; Tollner, E. W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1997-05-21)
      Two wool industry solid wastes presently landfilled were characterized for their potential for bioconversion to a value added product. The fibrous wastes were tested for physical and chemical properties and baseline ...
    • Biodegradable Composite Nonwoven Materials Based on Recyclable Cotton Textiles 

      Negulescu, Ioan; Chen, Yan; Robeck, Jacquelene; Zhang, Xiaoqun; Sun, Liangfeng (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2004-05-11)
    • Blurred Lines: Guiding Library Stakeholders toward a Shared Vision of the Library 

      O'Brien Dermott, Maureen; Arndt, Theresa (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-11)
      Libraries are relying less on local ownership and increasingly on new models of instant access through unmediated ILL, pay-per-view services, demand-driven acquisitions, and shared collections, blurring lines between access ...
    • Bridging the Gap: Building Relationships and Overcoming Copyright Anxieties 

      Quartey, Susie (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-11-12)
      Nine years ago the Course Reserve Library at Brigham Young University (BYU) partnered with the newly developed Copyright Licensing Office (CLO) on campus to continue the arduous task of copyright compliance for materials ...
    • Building a Better Library Experience: Redefining Access Services 

      Rodriguez, Juan Carlos; Merry, Brian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-11)
      In 2011, the University Libraries at Grand Valley State University began a year-long process of reviewing and analyzing all workflows performed by members of the Technology and Information Services (TIS) Division. The TIS ...
    • Building a Continuing Education Program for Embedded Systems with Labs and Distance Support 

      Siewert, Sam; Vidalon, Mario (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-05-20)
      In spring 2000 the University of Colorado Electrical Engineering department and CAETE (Center for Advanced Engineering and Technology Education) launched an Embedded Systems Certificate program with two new courses taught ...