A Fusion Transmutation of Waste Reactor

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Title: A Fusion Transmutation of Waste Reactor
Author: Stacey, Weston M. ; Mandrekas, John ; Hoffman, E. A. (Elisha Albright) ; Kessler, G. P. ; Kirby, C. M. ; Mauer, A. N. ; Noble, J. J. ; Stopp, D. M. ; Ulevich, D. S.
Abstract: A design concept and the performance characteristics for a fusion transmutation of waste reactor (FTWR)—a sub-critical fast reactor driven by a tokamak fusion neutron source--are presented. The present design concept is based on nuclear, processing and fusion technologies that either exist or are at an advanced stage of development and on the existing tokamak plasma physics database. A FTWR, operating with k[subscript eff] ≤ 0.95 at a thermal power output of about 3 GW and with a fusion neutron source operating at Q [subscript p] = 1.5-2, could fission the transuranic content of about a hundred metric tons of spent nuclear fuel per full-power-year and would be self-sufficient in both electricity and tritium production. In equilibrium, a nuclear fleet consisting of LWRs and FTWRs in the electrical power ratio of 3/1 would reduce the actinides discharged from the LWRs in a once-through fuel cycle by 99.4% in the waste stream that must be stored in high-level waste repositories.
Description: Reprinted by permission of American Nuclear Society
Type: Post-print
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1853/9281
Citation: Published in: Fusion Science and Technology, Vol. 41, no. 2 (March 2002) p. 116-140
Date: 2002-03
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
American Nuclear Society
Subject: Fusion neutron sources
Fusion transmutation of waste reactors (FTWR)
Transmutation of transuranics in spent nuclear fuel

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