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    • Managing the Digitization of Large Press Archives 

      Elsayed, Bassem; Samir, Ahmed (2014-10-27)
      Managing the digitization of press material is quite a challenge; not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of text and material quality, designing the workflow system which organizes the operations, and handling ...
    • Managing the Effects of AIDS: A Plan for Georgia Tech 

      Georgia Institute of Technology; Georgia Institute of Technology. AIDS Task Force (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1990-07-20)
      Over time, AIDS will undoubtedly have an impact -- either directly or indirectly -- on every member of the Georgia Tech community. Certain campus departments are responsible for coordinating assistance and services that ...
    • Managing the Quality of Urban Streams in Georgia 

      Mikalsen, Ted (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInstitute of Natural Resources, 1993-04)
      This paper summarizes the impacts of urbanization on stream quality in Georgia, discusses urban stream assessment and control activities and their implications for future management, and presents the consequent urban ...
    • Managing the Virtual Library 

      Burke, Jane (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
    • Managing Uncertainty in Engineering Design Using Imprecise Probabilities and Principles of Information Economics 

      Aughenbaugh, Jason Matthew (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-06-22)
      The engineering design community recognizes that an essential part of the design process is decision making. Because decisions are generally made under uncertainty, engineers need appropriate methods for modeling and ...
    • Managing Uncertainty in Environmentally Benign Design and Manufacture 

      Bras, Berdinus A.; Paredis, Chris (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
      When making design decisions in environmentally benign design and manufacture, the decision maker is often faced with extreme uncertainty. Due to a lack of understanding of the complex dynamics of environmental and societal ...
    • Managing Your Most valuable Asset: A Few Personal and Career Ideas 

      Stamps, E. Roe, IV (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-03-01)
    • Manatee tracking project 

      Michelson, Robert Carroll (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977)
    • The Mandarin Learning Curve: The Case of China and Technical Standards 

      Kennedy, Scott (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-04-13)
      From Scott Kennedy’s bio: My interest in East Asia comes from two sources; the first is my interest in world affairs in general, and the second is my family’s experience in the region. My grandmother lived in Macau and ...
    • Mandatory Human Participation: A New Scheme for Building Secure Systems 

      Xu, Jun; Essa, Irfan A.; Sung, Min-Ho; Lipton, Richard J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001)
      Mandatory Human Participation (MHP) is a novel authentication scheme that asks the question "are you human?" (instead of "who are you?"), and upon the correct answer to this question, can prove a principal to be a ...
    • Maneuver Trim Optimization Techniques for Active Aeroelastic Wings 

      Zink, Paul Scott; Mavris, Dimitri N.; Raveh, Daniella E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-04)
      A new method for performing trim optimization of Active Aeroelastic Wing (AAW) technology is presented. The method is based on posing the trim problem as a linear program and solving it with the simplex method. Trim ...
    • Manganese-doped ZnO nanobelts for spintronics 

      Ronning, C.; Gao, Puxian; Ding, Yong; Wang, Z. L. (Zhong Lin); Schwen, D. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyAmerican Institute of Physics, 2004-02-02)
      Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanobelts synthesized by thermal evaporation have been ion implanted with 30 keV Mn+ ions. Both transmission electron microscopy and photoluminescence investigations show highly defective material directly ...
    • Manganese-induced long-range lattice disorder and vacancy formation in metal-organic chemical vapor deposition grown and ion-implanted Ga₁₋ₓMnₓN 

      Fenwick, William E.; Asghar, Ali; Gupta, Shalini; Kang, Hun; Strassburg, Martin; Dietz, Nikolaus; Graham, Samuel; Kane, Matthew Hartmann; Ferguson, Ian T. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyAmerican Vacuum Society, 2006-07)
      The structural properties and lattice dynamics of Ga₁₋ₓMnₓN were studied for Mn concentrations from 0.0% to 1.5%. Ga₁₋ₓMnₓN layers were fabricated by either Mn incorporation during the metal-organic chemical vapor deposition ...
    • Manheim Auto Auctions Aggregate Planning & Forecasting Project 

      Crance, Dustin; Demere, Raymond; Ferreira, Caroline; Strickland, Bradley; Welch, Charles; Norman, Terrence (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-12-09)
      In 2009, Manheim Inc.’s clients missed bidding on 50% of the cars they were interested in. Using regression analysis and forecasting, this team created a dynamic schedule updating predicted arrival windows for each vehicle ...
    • The manifestation of character as a design goal in the work of Sir John Soane 

      Morris, Bruce E. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1985-08)
    • Manipulability of Leader-Follower Networks with the Rigid-Link Approximation 

      Kawashima, Hiroaki; Egerstedt, Magnus (Georgia Institute of TechnologyElsevier, 2014-03)
      This paper introduces the notion of manipulability to mobile, multi-agent networks as a tool to analyze the instantaneous effectiveness of injecting control inputs at certain, so-called leader nodes in the network. ...
    • Manipulating Cells: Innovative Research at Georgia Tech 

      Doyle, Donald; Storici, Francesca; Newman, Jonathan P. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-10-18)
      [Doyle] Nuclear hormone receptors control the expression of genes in response to small molecule hormones. In performing this activity, the receptors must specifically recognize small molecules, DNA, and other proteins. The ...
    • Manipulating Light: From Design to Application 

      Curtis, Jennifer; Hales, Joel M.; Fuentes Hernández, Canek (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-02-19)
      As the thirst for digital information continues to grow, the development of technologies that allow for larger amounts of information to be conveyed at ever faster rates is critical. While electronics has been the workhorse ...
    • Manipulating synthetic voice parameters for navigation in hierarchical structures 

      Shajahan, Peer; Irani, Pourang (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInternational Community on Auditory Display, 2005-07)
      Auditory interfaces commonly use synthetic speech for conveying information. In many instances the information being conveyed is hierarchically structured, such as menus. In this paper, we describe the results of one ...
    • The Manipulation Action Grammar: A Key to Intelligent Robots 

      Aloimonos, Yiannis (2016-04-06)
      Humanoid robots will need to learn the actions that humans perform. They will need to recognize these actions when they see them and they will need to perform these actions themselves. In this presentation, it is proposed ...