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    • Channelized Time-and Space-integrating Acousto-optical Processor 

      Hartup, David C.; Rhodes, William T. (1/25/1994)
      A novel channelized, hybrid time- and space-integrating acousto-optic (AO) spectrum analyzer is described. The architecture consists of two acousto-optic cells in a crossed cell configuration. The first acousto-optic cell ...
    • Spatially Resolved Equalization And Forward Error Correction For Multimode Fiber Links 

      Argon, Cenk; Mclaughlin, Steven William; Patel, Ketan; Ralph, Stephen E. (1/25/2005)
      A system is described that includes a system for correcting modal dispersion and errors in an optical fiber system. The system includes a multisegment photodetector coupled to an end of an optical fiber for detecting optical ...
    • Microstructures And Methods Of Fabrication Thereof 

      Moore, Christopher W.; Li, Jun; Kohl, Paul (1/25/2011)
      Fuel cells, fuel cell membranes, micro-fuel cells, and methods of fabricating each, are disclosed.
    • Method For The Combustion Chemical Vapor Deposition Of Films And Coatings 

      Hunt, Andrew T.; Cochran, Joe K.; Carter, William Brent (1/26/1999)
      A method for applying coatings to substrates using combustion chemical vapor deposition by mixing together a reagent and a carrier solution to form a reagent mixture, igniting the reagent mixture to create a flame, or ...
    • Jointly Optimized Subband Coding System And Method 

      Kossentini, Faouzi; Smith, Mark J. T. (1/26/1999)
      A subband coder with jointly optimized multistage residual quantizers and entropy coders for image coding which allows the subband coder to exploit both linear and non-linear dependencies that may exist within and across ...
    • Pneumatic Aerodynamic Force-augmentation, Control And Drag-reduction Devices For Racing Cars And High-performance Sports Cars 

      Englar, Robert J. (1/26/1999)
      A preferred embodiment of the present invention, a blowing system for high performance vehicles, comprises a source of compressed air and a mechanism for regulating and controlling the flow of air from the source. Referring ...
    • Rotary Actuated Seismic Source And Methods For Continuous Direct-push Downhole Seismic Testing 

      Quinn, Mark K.; Mcgillivray, Alexander V.; Mayne, Paul W. (1/26/2010)
      Remotely operated rotary actuated shear wave generating apparatus and methods that generate horizontally polarized vertically propagating shear waves for use in down-hole shear wave velocity measurements. Seismic signals ...
    • Sms Probe And Sem Imaging System And Methods Of Use 

      Fedorov, Andrei G.; Kottke, Peter Arthur (1/26/2016)
      SMS probe imaging systems, methods of use thereof, and the like are disclosed. Embodiments of the present disclosure can use direct interrogation of objects (e.g., cells or tissue) within a small pool/droplet of liquid, ...
    • Anion Exchange Polyelectrolytes 

      Zhou, Junfeng; Kohl, Paul A.; Unlu, Murat (1/26/2016)
      Provided according to some embodiments of the invention are anion exchange polyelectrolytes that include an at least partially fluorinated polyaromatic polymer backbone; and at least one cationic functional group pendant ...
    • Propenoyl Hydrazides 

      Powers, James C.; Asgian, Juliana; Ekici, �zlem Dogan; Gotz, Marion Gabriele; James, Karen Ellis; Li, Zhao Zhao; Rukamp, Brian (1/27/2009)
      The present disclosure provides compositions for inhibiting proteases, methods for synthesizing the compositions, and methods of using the disclosed protease inhibitors. Aspects of the disclosure include a peptidyl propenoyl ...
    • Analog-to-digital Converter With Programmable Floating Gate 

      Brady, Philomena Cleopha; Hasler, Paul Edward (1/27/2009)
      Systems and methods are discussed for using a floating-gate MOSFET as a programmable reference circuit. One example of the programmable reference circuit is a programmable voltage reference source, while a second example ...
    • Edge Viewing Photodetecter 

      Guidotti, Daniel; Chang, Gee-kung; Ryou, Jae-hyun; Dupuis, Russell Dean (1/27/2009)
      An edge viewing semiconductor photodetector may be provided. Light may be transmitted through an optical fiber conduit comprising a core region surrounded by a cladding region. The light may be received at the edge viewing ...
    • Apparatus For Fluid Storage And Delivery At A Substantially Constant Pressure 

      Luharuka, Rajesh; Wu, Chi-fu; Hesketh, Peter (1/27/2009)
      Microfluidic pumps, methods of fabrication thereof, and methods of use thereof, as well as method of pumping a fluid, are disclosed.
    • Systems, Methods, And Apparatuses For Digital Wavelet Generators For Multi-resolution Spectrum Sensing Of Cognitive Radio Applications 

      Song, Taejoong; Park, Jongmin; Hur, Youngsik; Lim, Kyutae; Lee, Chang-ho; Lee, Jeongsuk; Kim, Kihong; Lee, Seongsoo; Kim, Haksun; Laskar, Joy (1/27/2009)
      Embodiments of the invention may provide for digital wavelet generators utilized in providing flexible spectrum-sensing resolutions for a Multi-Resolution Spectrum Sensing (MRSS) technique. Embodiments of the invention may ...
    • Variants Of Ancestral Uricases And Uses Thereof 

      Gaucher, Eric A. (1/27/2015)
      The present invention provides uricases and methods of their production and use in reducing the amount of uric acid in a subject. The present invention further provides methods employing a uricase of this invention in the ...
    • Methods And Devices For Drug Delivery To Ocular Tissue Using Microneedle 

      Prausnitz, Mark R.; Edelhauser, Henry F.; Patel, Samirkumar Rajnikant (1/28/2014)
      Methods and devices are provided for targeted administration of a drug to a patient's eye. In one embodiment, the method includes inserting a hollow microneedle into the sclera of the eye at an insertion site and infusing ...
    • Systems And Methods For Fabricating Three-dimensional Objects 

      Das, Suman; Halloran, John W. (1/28/2014)
      Systems and methods for fabricating three-dimensional objects. The system includes an optical imaging system providing a light source; a photosensitive medium adapted to change states upon exposure to a portion of the light ...
    • Circuits And Methods For Artifact Elimination 

      Brown, Edgar A.; Ross, James D.; Blum, Richard A.; Deweerth, Stephen P. (1/28/2014)
      Disclosed are apparatus and methods that provide the ability to electrical stimulate a physical system, and actively eliminate interference with signal acquisition (artifacts) that arises from the stimulation. The technique ...
    • Microstructures And Methods Of Fabrication Thereof 

      Joseph, Paul Jayachandran; Kohl, Paul A.; Allen, Sue Ann Bidstrup (1/28/2014)
      Microstructures and methods of fabricating microstructures are disclosed. One exemplary microstructure, among others, includes a substrate, an overcoat layer disposed upon the substrate, an air-region within at least a ...
    • Phonetic Searching 

      Cardillo, Peter S.; Clements, Mark A.; Price, William E. (1/29/2008)
      An improved method and apparatus is disclosed which uses probabilistic techniques to map an input search string with a prestored audio file, and recognize certain portions of a search string phonetically. An improved ...