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    • A modeling framework for analyzing the education system as a complex system 

      Mital, Pratik (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-04-01)
      In this thesis, the Education System Intervention Modeling Framework (ESIM Framework) is introduced for analyzing interventions in the K-12 education system. This framework is the first of its kind to model interventions ...
    • African Societies in Development: Critical Challenges and Successes : a Panel Discussion 

      Persons, Georgia A.; Uwaifo Oyelere, Ruth; Best, Michael L.; Chopra, Karan; Sebunya, Jumbe; Rosser, Sue V. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-20)
      In celebration of Black History Month, Ivan Allen College, Office of the Dean presented a panel discussion on African Societies in Development. Moderator, Georgia A. Persons, School of Public Policy, made introductions. ...
    • Automotive Design Education: Integrating Computer Based Tools with Traditional Techniques 

      Lynn, David F. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-05-24)
      This paper begins by showing the need and motivation for an examination of automotive design education. That is followed by an overview of the current state of the art in the field as exemplified by the programs of Art ...
    • Building Schools that Work 

      Vialet, Jill (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-16)
    • Building the Next Workforce: Georgia Discussion Forums 

      Wilkins, Joy; Brown, Mac (Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia, 2007-06)
      Workforce development was widely viewed by stakeholders across Georgia as an area of critical challenges and opportunities for the state that must be addressed. The future workforce – the state’s youth - was widely ...
    • The Classroom [Fall 2005] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Weinsheimer, Joyce; Yoganathan, Ajit P.; Girardot, Steven P.; Graham, Samuel, Jr.; Hartley, Dana E.; Ammar, Mostafa H. (Mostafa Hamed); Bozeman, Barry L.; Lyle, Clinton M., Jr. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005)
      In this issue: The Path to Becoming a GT Educator; In the CETL Library: Book Reviews; Rhythms of Academic Life: Personal Accounts of Careers in Academic; Life on the Tenure Track: Lessons from the First Year; Q & A: An ...
    • The Classroom [Spring 2006] 

      Llewellyn, Donna C.; Girardot, Steven P.; Bachman, Melissa M.; Choi, Jung H.; Blum, Terry C.; Hughes, Joseph L. A.; Weinsheimer, Joyce (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
      CETL’s 20th Anniversary by Dr. Donna C. Llewellyn; In the CETL Library: Five Decades of McKeachie’s Teaching Tips by Dr. Steven P. Girardot; Partnering with Faculty, Learning with Technology by Melissa Bachman; Twenty ...
    • Co-design processes in industrial design education 

      Saurus, Chauncey Anderson (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-05-21)
      Co-design is a process that allows designers to develop products with greater insight to user needs through the participation of users in the design process. During this process what users say, make, and do is investigated ...
    • Collaborative educational strategies : an analysis of the CoWeb 

      Hess, Christina D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-05)
    • Connexions: Create Globally, Educate Locally 

      Emmons, Jonathan; Thierstein, Joel (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-05)
      Founded in 1999, Connexions ( was built upon the philosophy that high-quality, open-licensed scholarly materials can revolutionize the way we think about education. Built upon a core of open software and ...
    • CPATH EAE: Extending contextualized computing in multiple institutions using threads 

      Isbell, Charles Lee, Jr.; Biggers, Maureen S. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-06)
    • A CrossCountry Analysis: the Effect of Income, Life Expectancy, and Education on the Human Development Index 

      Grzech, Alexa; Patel, Kanhai; Walker, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2016-04)
      Although the Human Development Index (HDI) has garnered criticism for its simplistic weighting scheme, the nationallyrecognized index is still used by governments to determine the effectiveness of policy decisions. This ...
    • Designing an Effective Interactive E-book for Computer Science Education 

      Moore, Steven James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015-01-28)
      There’s a need to develop more computer science teachers around the world. As massive open online courses have been failing, an interactive e-book used for distance learning might fulfill this need. This research seeks to ...
    • Determining the Implications of Resegregation in the Atlanta Public School System and its Affect on Student Achievement 

      Bringslid, Denise (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-05-09)
      Despite experiencing a fairly calm period of racial integration, Atlanta’s inner-city region is one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in the nation. This division spans all components of Atlanta’s culture, ...
    • Director in a box: learning cinematic rhetoric for camera shot selection 

      Munro, John Burnet (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-12-20)
      Automatic generation of cinematic content has been a goal for both the military and the entertainment industry to allow more diverse plot structures so that a trainee or player may have a scenario tailored to their personal ...
    • Disruptive Innovations in Higher Education: Implications for the 21st Century Campus 

      Morrison, James; Newstetter, Wendy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-21)
      The educational landscape is undergoing considerable upheaval due in large part to emerging developments in educational technology and pedagogical approaches. The rapid availability of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) ...
    • Education from the nineteenth to the twenty-first century 

      Stroup, Meredith; Gantt, Emily (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-11)
    • Education in the Industrial Age 

      Nichols, Jennifer; Gravitt, Bryn; Brown, Lauren; Freeman, Lauren; Modi, James (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-11)
    • Educational testing of an auditory display regarding seasonal variation of martian polar ice caps 

      Keller, John M; Prather, Edward E; Boynton, William V; Enos, Heather L; Jones, Lauren V; Pompea, Stephen M; Slater, Timothy F; Quinn, Marty (Georgia Institute of TechnologyInternational Community on Auditory Display, 2003-07)
      During Fall 2002, planetary scientists and astronomy education researchers from the University of Arizona and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory collaborated with composer Marty Quinn of Design Rhythmics Sonification ...
    • The Educational Value of an Information-Rich Virtual Environment 

      Bowman, Douglas A.; Wineman, Jean Davison; Hodges, Larry F. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1998)
      "Information-rich" virtual environments consist not only of three-dimensional graphics and other spatial data, but also include information of an abstract or symbolic nature that is related to the space. We present evidence ...