• North Avenue Review [Volume 1, Issue 1] 

      Akleman, Ergun; Babb, Jillanna; Cardille, Jeff; Close, Raymond; Curtis, Valerie O.; Danyo, Steve; Day, Janice; Donkin, Steven Glenn; Fish; Fox, Angela; Hendry, Ben; Hewson, John; Hornung, Erica; Kramer, Matthew; Luck, Jeff; Magiros, George; Mann, Kate; Meredith, David; Moore, James; Morris, Scott; Moryc, Michael; Peake, Thomas; Riggs, Jon; Sampler, Larry; Scharfstein, Daniel; Stettler, Beth; Stickles, Valerie Lynn; Stogner, Chad; Ullio, Ric; Walters, Kaye (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1989-07)
    • Reframing interactive digital narrative: toward an inclusive open-ended iterative process for research and practice 

      Koenitz, Hartmut (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-07-08)
      In more than two decades of research and practical experiments in interactive digital narrative (IDN), much insight about the relationship of narrative and digital media has been gained and many successful experiments have ...