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    • National Defense and Clean Energy (Applications and Implementation) 

      Reynolds, David; Hull, Christine Gettys; Meier, Steven (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-02-29)
      The Department of Defense makes up 80 percent of the federal government's energy use, and 1 percent of the nation as a whole. The Department spent $15 billion on energy last year, 75 percent of which was for military ...
    • Natural Gas: A Clean Energy Alternative 

      Haley, Don; Wochner, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-09-28)
      According to the US Energy Information Administration’s Annual Energy Outlook 2011 , the United States possesses 2.5 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of potential natural gas resources. Natural gas from shale resources, considered ...
    • Nuclear Power: Considerations Post-Fukushima 

      Sjoden, Glenn; Axelrod, Howard; Debs, Brian (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-11-16)
      The Energy Information Administration states that "nuclear power plants generate approximately 20 percent of U.S. electricity (23 percent for Georgia), and the plants in operation today are often seen as attractive assets ...
    • Optimizing Energy Performance 

      Grell-Lawe, Holly (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-09-11)
      A free statewide event held by Georgia Manufacturing Extension Partnership (GaMEP) entitled "Competing in 2013 – Knowledge and Strategies for Growth and Profit". One of three presentations designed to help shape business ...
    • An Overview of HIMSS and GA HIMSS 

      Hines, Denise W. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012-11-12)
    • Oxmoor Valley, Alabama: New Urbanism Arises in Birmingham 

      Wilkins, Joy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999-09)
      Less than 20 years ago, Oxmoor Valley was a wild pasture located just southwest of Birmingham between Red Mountain and Shades Mountain. Today, it is a 7,800-acre mixed-use community that houses a fully occupied light ...
    • Patent Licensing for Inventors 

      Brager, Barry; Tubach, Cheryl (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-11-10)
    • Prototyping/Manufacturing Your Ideas 

      Zaidspiner, Sam; Muntner, Don (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-11-17)
      Every inventor wants a perfect prototype of their invention, but these items can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and make it impossible for an inventor to pursue their dream. Knowing what is both essential and unnecessary ...
    • Qualitative Methods in Higher Education Policy Analysis: Using Interviews and Document Analysis 

      Owen, Gregory (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-01)
      This article (the third in a short series of works) focuses on the research development, design, and overall approach I utilized in addressing my dissertation research question which aimed to examine the history and ...
    • Raising Capital: Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs 

      Fleming, Stephen (2007-06-27)
      An experienced venture capitalist shares his insight into the fundraising cycle, preparing a business plan, and approaching the equity investment community.
    • Replication of Faculty Spin-off Programs at Smaller College and University Cohorts 

      Bridges, David; Rust, Carl; Galewski, Nancy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-10)
      In 2009, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) was approached by several smaller colleges and universities in the United States for commercialization assistance. Since that time, Georgia Tech, a national leader ...
    • Report on Georgia's Innovation Forums of 2006 

      Wilkins, Joy; Brown, Mac (Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Georgia, 2006-06)
      Each year the Southern Growth Policies Board conducts a major policy research project to explore a vital issue related to economic development. A central component of the research project is to gather the opinions and ...
    • Rural Georgia: To Be or Not to Be Zoned 

      Wilkins, Joy; Riall, B. William; Nelson, Arthur C.; Counts, Paul; Sussman, Benjamin (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001-12)
      A variety of public policies in Georgia can influence a community’s economic development potential. Zoning is one of these policies. In 1983, the Georgia State Constitution gave individual counties home rule power to ...
    • Savannah's Crossroads Business Center: Developing Wetland Property 

      Wilkins, Joy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2000-08)
      When the federal government changed its definition of what constituted a wetland during the 1980s, it significantly impacted coastal communities such as Savannah, assigning wetland status to greater portions of developable ...
    • The Science and Art of Storytelling 

      Riedl, Mark (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-12-03)
      The Innovation Corps (I-Corps) teaches National Science Foundation (NSF) grantees to identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research and offers entrepreneurship training to student participants. ...
    • The Smart Grid and Energy Data: Measurement and Management 

      McDonald, John; Khan, Musaddeq; Malik, Sanjoy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-03-30)
      The Smart Grid has the potential to provide overwhelming amounts of data about residential, commercial and industrial energy consumption. Further, it offers the possibilities of two-way interaction between consumer and ...
    • Southeast Biomass: Highest and Best Use 

      Thomas, Valerie; Walsh, Marie; McClure, Nathan; Burnside, Michael H. (Mike) (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-02-24)
      Regional biomass resources and economics are analyzed along with the business proposition of converting softwood into fuel.
    • Southeast Biomass: Project Development Incentives and Challenges 

      Burchfield, Marvin; Shah, Amish M. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010-03-31)
      The program will provide an overview of the available incentives for investments in renewable energy projects and current practical and policy issues regarding those incentives. The speakers will also discuss the actual ...
    • Southeast Energy Demand to 2030 

      Beamon, Alan; Schaal, Michael (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-11-18)