PAC report (Pulping Processes) October 1984

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Title: PAC report (Pulping Processes) October 1984
Alternative Title: Status report to the pulping processes project advisory committee
Author: Atalla, Rajai H. ; Agarwal, Umesh P. ; Grace, Thomas M. ; Cameron, John H. ; Clay, David Telford ; McDonough, Thomas Joseph ; Thompson, Norman S. ; Lonsky, Werner F. W. ; Dimmel, Donald R. ; Schroeder, Leland Roy ; Easty, Dwight B. ; Rankin, Kristie L.
Description: "October 22-23, 1984." Fine structure of wood pulp fibers: project 3288 / R.H. Atalla ; Raman microprobe studies of molecular organization in native woody tissue: project 3521-2 / R.H. Atalla ; Smelt-water explosions: project 3456-2 / T.M. Grace ; Fundamental processes in alkali-recovery furnaces: project 3473-1 / T.M. Grace, J.H. Cameron, D.T. Clay ; Improved process for bleached pulp: project 3474 / T.J. McDonough, N.S. Thompson, W.F.W. Lonsky ; Fundamentals of selectivity in pulping and bleaching: project 3475 / D.R. Dimmel, L.R. Schroeder ; Development and application of analytical techniques: project 3477 / D.B. Easty ; Fundamentals of brightness stability: project 3524 / W.F.W. Lonsky ; Incremental capacity in recovery boilers: project 3588 / T.M. Grace ; Separation of strong, intact fibers: project 3566 / T.J. McDonough, K. Rankin. Copy 2 includes Handouts.
Type: PAC Report
PAC Report
Date: 1984
Contributor: Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.) Pulping Processes Project Advisory Committee.
Publisher: Appleton, Wis. : the Institute,
Georgia Institute of Technology
Subject: Anisotropy
Raman spectroscopy
Raman spectra
Recovery furnaces
Black liquors
Bond cleavage
Oxygen bleaching
Kraft pulping
Kappa number
Alkaline pulping
Chemical pulping
Degree of polymerization
Thermomechanical pulps
Thermomechanical pulping
Hand sheets
Color reversion
Tensile strength

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