aDORe djatoka: An Open-Source Jpeg 2000 Image Server and Dissemination Service Framework

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Title: aDORe djatoka: An Open-Source Jpeg 2000 Image Server and Dissemination Service Framework
Author: Balakireva, Lyudmila ; Chute, Ryan ; Dresher, Stephan
Abstract: The JPEG 2000 image format has attracted considerable attention due to its rich feature set defined in a multi-part open ISO standard, and its potential use as a holy-grail preservation format providing both lossless compression and rich service format features. Until recently there was lack of an implementation agnostic (e.g., Kakadu, Aware, etc) API for JPEG 2000 compression and extraction, and an open-source service framework, upon which rich Web 2.0-style applications can be developed. Recently we engaged in the development of aDORe djatoka , an open-source JPEG 2000 image server and dissemination framework to help address some of these issues. The djatoka image server is geared towards Web 2.0 style reuse through URI-addressability of all image disseminations including regions, rotations, and format transformations. Djatoka also provides a JPEG 2000 compression / extraction API that serves as an abstraction layer from the underlying JPEG 2000 library (e.g., Kakadu, Aware, etc).  The initial release has attracted considerable interest and is already being used in production environments, such as at the Biodiversity Heritage Library , who uses djatoka to serve more than eleven million images. This presentation introduces the aDORe djatoka image server and describes various interoperability approaches with existing repository systems.  Djatoka was derived from a concrete need to introduce a solution to disseminate high-resolution images stored in an aDORe repository system.  Djatoka is able to disseminate images that reside either in a repository environment or that are Web-accessible at arbitrary URIs.  Since dynamic service requests pertaining to an identified resource (the entire JPEG 2000 image) are being made, the OpenURL Framework was selected to provide an extensible dissemination service framework. The OpenURL service layer simplifies development and provides exciting interoperability opportunities. The presentation will showcase the flexibility of this interface by introducing a mobile image collection viewer developed for the iPhone / iTouch platform.
Description: 4th International Conference on Open Repositories This presentation was part of the session : Conference Presentations Date: 2009-05-19 03:00 PM – 04:30 PM
Type: Proceedings
Date: 2009-05-19
Contributor: Los Alamos National Laboratory
Relation: OR09. Conference Presentations
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
Subject: Standards
Digital imaging
JPEG 2000

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