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dc.contributor.authorAoyama, Toshihiro
dc.description4th International Conference on Open Repositoriesen
dc.descriptionThis presentation was part of the session : Conference Posters
dc.description.abstractRecently, academic publications have been stored into many repositories. Researchers can get digital printed articles (PDF) through network. Some search sites is also useful for researchers to search these publications. Therefore, we can manage articles almost all in digital world. However, when we read an article, we summarize the article, note ideas, sketch diagrams or figures on paper media, e.g. the margin of article, notes and stickies. These annotations are useful for newcomers or students of the article field. However, it is difficult to share them, since they are written on the printed media. We constructed a system editing and sharing annotations of PDF articles. The system consists of web-service server and client software. The clients can search and get annotations of an article from the annotation server through SOAP. The annotation consists of the subset of Dublin Core and the position (page and coordinates) of annotation. The server stores the set of idtype and id with the annotation. The idtype shows the site where the article was searched and/or downloaded. The id is the unique number of the site of idtype. We also constructed three types of clients, 1. work with a publication management software on MacOSX (iPapers2), 2. work on Tablet PC, 3. work with the digital pen. These three clients can share annotations of an article. This project will integrate annotations of a PDF reprint and annotations of the web site identical with the PDF reprint.en
dc.description.sponsorshipNational Institute of Informatics, Japan
dc.publisherGeorgia Institute of Technologyen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesOR09. Conference Postersen
dc.subjectWeb servicesen
dc.titleSharing System of Annotation for PDF Papersen
dc.contributor.corporatenameSuzuka National College of Technology

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