High-performance direct solution of finite element problems on multi-core processors

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Title: High-performance direct solution of finite element problems on multi-core processors
Author: Guney, Murat Efe
Abstract: A direct solution procedure is proposed and developed which exploits the parallelism that exists in current symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) multi-core processors. Several algorithms are proposed and developed to improve the performance of the direct solution of FE problems. A high-performance sparse direct solver is developed which allows experimentation with the newly developed and existing algorithms. The performance of the algorithms is investigated using a large set of FE problems. Furthermore, operation count estimations are developed to further assess various algorithms. An out-of-core version of the solver is developed to reduce the memory requirements for the solution. I/O is performed asynchronously without blocking the thread that makes the I/O request. Asynchronous I/O allows overlapping factorization and triangular solution computations with I/O. The performance of the developed solver is demonstrated on a large number of test problems. A problem with nearly 10 million degree of freedoms is solved on a low price desktop computer using the out-of-core version of the direct solver. Furthermore, the developed solver usually outperforms a commonly used shared memory solver.
Type: Dissertation
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1853/34662
Date: 2010-05-04
Publisher: Georgia Institute of Technology
Subject: Finite element method
High-performance computing
Direct sparse solvers
Fill-in reduction
Numerical analysis
Finite element method Computer programs
Finite element method Data processing
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Advisor: Committee Chair: Will, Kenneth; Committee Member: Emkin, Leroy; Committee Member: Kurc, Ozgur; Committee Member: Vuduc, Richard; Committee Member: White, Donald
Degree: Ph.D.

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