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    • Cabbagetown Home, ca. 1910 

      Georgia Institute of Technology. Archives and Records Management (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
    • Cabbagetown Homes, ca. 1910 

      Georgia Institute of Technology. Archives and Records Management (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006)
    • The Canadian Federal e-Library 

      Miller-Gatenby, Katherine (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2008-03-20)
      The Canadian Federal eLibrary is a recently initiated horizontal activity to provide access to key information resources to Canadian federal public servants, involving a number of libraries, representing a variety of ...
    • Captivate your audience through multimedia 

      Magolis, David (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-03-24)
      This workshop will introduce participants to the latest technology in multimedia creation by Macromedia- Captivate. This software enables the designer to produce authoritative demonstrations, simulations, and presentations ...
    • Carbon Nanotube Based Microbattery 

      Lacasse, Philippe (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-02-09)
      The inspiration for the presented work was an investigation by Madou and Wang of UC-Irvine using amorphous carbon pillars as electrodes for a microbattery. These pillars were fabricated in alternating rows of anodes and ...
    • Case Studies in Repository Workflows: Three Approaches 

      Cramer, Tom; Green, Richard; McRae, Lynn; Sigmon, Tim; Wayland, Ross (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-05-21)
      "Lightweight workflow" is both an oxymoron, and a continual aspiration of the many stakeholders in the repository community. As part of the Hydra Project, the University of Hull, University of Virginia and Stanford University ...
    • Catastrophic Success: The Challenges and Opportunities of Supporting Digital Scholarship at Liberal Arts Colleges 

      Allen, Laurie; Luhrs, Eric; Shepherd, Kelcy; Siesing, Gina; Vinopal, Jennifer (2014-10-27)
      Liberal arts colleges (LACs) are not newcomers to the world of digital scholarship, and we benefit from several strengths: close working relationships among faculty, students, librarians, and technologists; a history of ...
    • CD-ROM Redigitization Project (CDRiP) 

      Dekker, Harrison (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-22)
      The CDRiP began with with a fairly narrow goal, to leverage low cost disk storage and create an improved framework for storing, finding and using numeric data published in CD and DVD format. A further goal was to employ ...
    • The Challenge of Information Literacy at Georgia Tech: The Library's Role in Student Retention 

      Madden, M. Leslie; Carpenter, Cathy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005-09)
    • The Challenges and Opportunities for Cataloging in Today's Changing Metadata Environment 

      Chen, Sandy (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007-02-24)
      What are the challenges and opportunities for cataloging and authority control in today’s library environment? Given the size of growing collections with diverse materials and a variety of metadata schemes, how can catalogers ...
    • Change is the new normal: Access Services in a new Public Services paradigm 

      Troy, Sarah; Lawson, Nicole (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2011-11)
      At the University of California, Santa Cruz, Access Services has a reputation for testing new ideas and eagerly embracing change. Recently we began making plans to create a single desk for providing both Access and Research ...
    • Changes in Scholarly Communication: What Repository Programs Can Do for Faculty 

      Walters, Tyler O. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2009-03-06)
    • The Changing Information World or If We are Truly at the Center It will be Okay if the World Turns Upside Down 

      MacEwan, Bonnie J. (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-03-25)
      Recording of the closing keynote, as well as followup discussion and comments
    • The Changing Nature of Reference & Information Services: Predictions and Realities 

      Frank, Donald G.; Calhoun, Katharine L.; Henson, Bruce; Madden, M. Leslie; Raschke, Gregory K. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyReference and User Services Association; American Library Association, 1999)
    • Changing Times, Changing Needs: Opening Course Reserves 

      O'Brien, Elizabeth; Rudin, Lola; Sgro, Adriana (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2014-11)
      Do Course Reserves need to be behind a Circulation Desk or are there other models that would serve our students better? We moved this collection out from behind the desk into a self-service area. Hear our challenges and ...
    • Chaotic Neutral 

      Bennett, Charlie; Doshi, Ameet; Hagenmaier, Wendy; Rascoe, Fred (Georgia Institute of TechnologyWREK, 2016-08-12)
      Live discussion portion of Lost in the Stacks episode 314, broadcast Aug 12, 2016. The hosts of Lost in the Stacks discuss the ideas of library chaos, and library neutrality (or lack thereof).
    • Chemical Cues in the Ocean 

      Kubanek, Julia (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2006-04-25)
      We are all at the mercy of molecules: hormones affect our sexual interests, toxins give us food poisoning, polluting chemicals give us asthma, and the smell of Krispy Kreme tugs on the steering wheel whenever we drive along ...
    • Cimate Change Essentials: Don’t Sweat the Research 

      Kenly, Patricia E.; Finn, Bette (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2013-10-10)
      Solid scientific information on climate change is essential for students doing research as well as the general public. We'll explore strategies and tips for finding information on this hot topic, as well as key sources ...
    • Citizen Archiving III: The Master Tapes 

      Bennett, Charlie; Doshi, Ameet; Hagenmaier, Wendy; Rascoe, Fred (Georgia Institute of TechnologyWREK, 2016-02-26)
      nterview portion of Lost in the Stacks episode 293, broadcast Feb 26, 2016. Features interview with Steve Albini, recording engineer at Electrical Audio, and musician with bands such as Shellac of North America.
    • Clarify Life and Work with Mind Maps 

      Axford, Mary; Renfro, Crystal (Georgia Institute of Technology, 2012)
      The authors discuss the powerful tool of mind mapping and its far reaching applications for the library from strategic planning and workflow optimization to daily problem solving and syllabus development. Key features ...