• Some explicit formulae for the singular values of certain hankel operators with factorizable symbol 

      Foias, Ciprian; Tannenbaum, Allen R.; Zames, George (Georgia Institute of TechnologySociety for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 1988-09)
      In this paper a determinantal formula is written that allows one to compute the singular values of Hankel operators, the L∞ -symbols of which are of the form mw for WE H∞ rational and mE H∞ inner. (All of the Hardy spaces ...
    • A strong Parrot theorem 

      Foias, Ciprian; Tannenbaum, Allen R. (Georgia Institute of TechnologyAmerican Mathematical Society, 1989-07)
      In this note we discuss a strengthened version of a theorem due to Parrott [8] in operator dilation theory. We relate our result to the one-step extension procedure of Adamjan-Arov-Krein [1].