School of Literature, Media, and Communication (LMC)


The School of Literature, Media, and Communication (formerly, School of Literature, Communication, and Culture) at Georgia Tech is unique in housing within a single academic unit a faculty of internationally known practitioner-theorists who combine scholarship in the arts and humanities with a depth of experience in computationally sophisticated environments. Faculty in the program hold degrees in English, Art, Law, Classics, Film, Performance Studies, Mathematics and Computer Science, and do research in virtual reality, augmented reality, educational computing, on-line communities, responsive environments, artificial intelligence, bio-informatics, interactive video, and game design.

Students come to the graduate program with degrees (and often with work experience) in a wide range of fields including acting, anthropology, architecture, communications, computer science, engineering, English, film studies, graphic design, history, journalism, law, library science, management, marketing, philosophy, social work, technical writing and television production. They also come from all over the world.

The IDT program currently accepts about 25 students a year into the Masters of Science programs and 5 students a year into the Ph.D. program.

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